The Last Thing That… Made Me Cry

So! I wrote down a list of blogs I would do on a piece of paper! AND I wrote them down on the specific day in my calendar so that I would stay organized!

It just so happens that I have the perfect thing for this post!

Last week, I saw Pete’s Dragon!

WARNING: If you haven’t seen it, you probably don’t want to read this post! I will be giving you spoilers!!!

Anyway, its about a boy named Pete who is going on a trip with his parents and they get into a car crash! His parents do not make it (The first thing to make me cry)

So, Pete is in the woods all alone. The dragon, Elliot, finds him and they become best friend! Through the movie, their relationship is shown so beautifully! (The second thing to make me cry!)

Six years later, Pete finds some people in the woods! After a little bit, the people take Pete to the hospital. This scene was one of my favorites. Pete wakes up to find that he isn’t anywhere he has ever seen. He runs from the hospital looking for Elliot! (The third thing to make me cry!)

Then, they show Elliot in the woods. Some of the men who found Pete went into the forest. They found Pete and Elliot’s house and started taking things. Elliot got upset and scared the men. Then, Elliot went to find Pete. Elliot saw him snuggled on the bed with a family and his face was so sad that it made me cry. (For the fourth time!)

As most of you know, the family took Pete out to find Elliot, and they did! Once they found him, they had a beautiful moment where they realized that Elliot was a good dragon. The men from before were also on a mission to find the dragon. Once they found him, they shot him with a Tranquilizer gun and captured Elliot, RIGHT IN FRONT OF PETE!  The struggle Elliot put up and the noises from Pete made me cry AGAIN! (The fifth time!)

The rest of the movie is a fight between the family, and the man who took Elliot. Elliot was so helpless looking that I practically cried the rest 0f the movie! (6!!)

At the very end of the movie, the family lets Elliot go and Pete stays and lives with them. The goodbye scene between Elliot and Pete was SO SO SO SO SAD. (7!)

So, that is the last thing that made me cry…. overall, the movie was supercalifragilisticexpialidociously depressing. I won’t buy it, but I am glad I saw it! It made me miss my dog!

On my movie scale, 1 being the worst movie I’ve ever seen (Fantastic Mr. Fox) and 10 being the best movie I’ve ever seen (Blended),  I would give this movie a 6.

Until next time!




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